PT Arthur Teknik IndoPrima

We pride ourselves on providing the best rental Genset, Ac, Misty fan and Booth Electrical Installation services in Indonesia for all your events.

We use the best machines, trained senior technicians, trustworthy and professional services.

Arthur Teknik

Company Culture

Growth We continually push ourselves to grow and expand in a positive manner. We refuse to stay in our comfort zone. Through constant learning experience, supportive criticism and feedback, we evolve and grow towards perfection.
Responsibility simply means that we uphold the values of integrity in our personal and professional work. This becomes a foundation upon which Arthur Teknik was built. Trustworthy, fair and ethical. We take full responsibility for all our actions and deeds.
Excellence We love what we do, and we are good at what we do. This focus on excellence is a pillar of strength which we continually uphold. We strive to excel in all aspects of life, be it professional and personal, and to always provide a positive outlook.
Agile Our agility simply points towards our speed and versatility in doing our job. We appreciate and treasure time, and as such we strive to.
Team Finally, we believe that a great teamwork is crucial. A team needs to have an understanding between each other, and share a similar commitment and thirst for success. We believe that great things can be achieved only through effective teamwork.

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