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We continually push ourselves to grow and expand in a positive manner. We refuse to stay in our comfort zone. Through constant learning experience, supportive criticism and feedback, we evolve and grow towards perfection.


Responsibility simply means that we uphold the values of integrity in our personal and professional work. This becomes a foundation upon which Arthur Teknik was built. Trustworthy, fair and ethical. We take full responsibility for all our actions and deeds.


We love what we do, and we are good at what we do. This focus on excellence is a pillar of strength which we continually uphold. We strive to excel in all aspects of life, be it professional and personal, and to always provide a positive outlook.


Our agility simply points towards our speed and versatility in doing our job. We appreciate and treasure time, and as such we strive to.


Finally, we believe that a great teamwork is crucial. A team needs to have an understanding between each other, and share a similar commitment and thirst for success. We believe that great things can be achieved only through effective teamwork.

We can provide short and long term generator sets for rent , as well as permanent standby lease machines according to your requirements. Our modern and stylish fleet of generators cater for three phases, as well as different voltages and frequency ranges. We also have a large range of generator accessories such as distribution panels, temporary cabling and changeover switches.

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Portable cooling systems includes: Misty Fan, AC Floor Standing 5PK Rental, 1PK Portable AC, and Air Curtain. Our cooling system rental unit also provides temporary and contingency cooling system rental services  in various locations throughout Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Palembang, Lampung, Surabaya, and Bali.

Arthur Teknik provides additional support in the form of electricity installation. They require minimal set-up time and cost effective solution for your event

we’re ready to maintain or service your generator set with the best maintained be it from our professional technicians or from our product. This is the way to minimize any problems that may arise during the operation of your generator set.

Well Maintained Units


Our units are all constantly well maintained and ready to provide you with the best quality of service.

Each of our units are serviced before and after each events. This is done to minimize any problems that may arise during your events.

24 Hours Standby


During your events, we will ensure that all your needs are adhered to.

Our operational staff will be on 24 Hours Stand By from preparation up until the completion of your events.

Money Back Guarantee


We are confident in our capabilities to support your events.

So much so that we are willing to give you a money back guarantee, should there be a problem in your events arising from our services!

On Time Delivery


We believe that on-time delivery of products are very important, because we understand that you also have a schedule to adhere to.

A late delivery of products will cause a chain reaction of lateness, this will not happen with Arthur Teknik.

Fast Response


We strive to give you a fast response to all your requests.

From additional requests, constructive criticism to unique challenges, we always push ourselves to give you a quick response to all your requests.

Endless Improvements


We continuously push ourselves to service you better, be it from our products or from our human resources capabilities.

We are always open to your feedback and constructive criticism, and will continue to improve our services to you.

Well Prepared


To assure you that your events will run through smoothly, we conduct checks and double checks your requirements

Such as event location, unit specifications, technical equipments and so on. We do this to ensure the success of your events and your optimal satisfaction.

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