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Tito KadaryantoPresident Director Indonesia 5 Communications

We have been continually impressed with the way they prepared for an event, as well as the professionalism exuded by himself and his team members. My sincere wish is that Arthur Teknik can continue to grow and, together with Indonesia 5, will go on to be a mainstay of the creative industry in the regional stage!

Rizky PohanManaging Director Pe Plus Audio Group

As a fellow supplier, Arthur Teknik and us share the same thoughts. It's never just about delivering equipments for our clients to rent. Instead, we focus on delivering promises that were made and creating ideas together to support the event successfully.

Faisal WijayaCEO Mahakarya Group

There is a saying that 'With Price Comes Quality'. This is proven by Arthur Teknik and his team through his exemplary services in comparison to other Generator Providers. From the quality of machines, to the highly Professional Standard Operating Procedure, skillful staffs and excellent quality of services - all of this is evident on the field.

Tri SasongkoOperation Director Visicomm

As an Event Organizer, we are continually in need of a service provider which we can count on. We need good quality units that are well maintained, paired with professional and cooperative service-Arthur Teknik has been exemplary in this regard. We will continue to rely on his continued professionalism and exemplary service for all our events!

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